Sushy version 6
(Sushi Cat 2)

Hover your mouse:  As shown in the picture below, navigate to the game's map screen where you'll see a sound icon at the upper left corner. Do not click it! I am not talking about the game's opening title page (where there's also a sound icon up there), but rather the actual map itself. Now start my Sushy and hover your mouse on it instead, exactly as the pink arrow down there is showing. The auto should recognize it, click it, beep at you and snap your mouse away.
Make Google Chrome your default web browser:  Unfortunately and not my fault, you will encounter the cactus of death screen or a broken Your Session has Timed out refresh button. In order to keep Sushy running longer, you need to make Chrome your default browser. Open Chrome, click the little wrench icon at the upper-right corner, choose Options, then the Make Google Chrome my default browser button. This will allow me to detect when these occur, close the game window and reopen a fresh browser for you every time.

6 (10.28.2013) Some older operating systems/browsers were doing a flash misfire hiccup on the power-ups level 2, which caused a Still Hungry Try Again screen stall. This version should click that button and carry on.
5 (12.11.2012) Updated for Windows 8 compatibility.
4 (4.18.2012) Added a new Power-ups option. If you enable it, Sushy will play level 2 (over and over) instead of level 1. This was installed to help achieve any badges that require power-ups collected.
3 (3.5.2012) Your Session has Timed out's Refresh button is completely broken. The auto was doing its job, trying to click it, but there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Therefore, I installed my famous "close browser and reopen a fresh one" trick instead. But you will need to keep Google Chrome as your default web browser (as described above). By the way, if you wake up one morning and see the auto's title bar has changed to "Sushy: 7"... this means I saved your ass by opening seven fresh browser windows through the night.
2 (3.2.2012) A lot of you had a different font in the purple number one (Level 1) at the map screen. This has been fixed. Also, some of you took it upon yourself to manually advance in the game's levels. This was accidentally scrolling the map to the right after each game and the auto would stall. Therefore, if I find this is the case, I back out to the main menu, click New Game and then skip the movie to get you back on track at the first level. Sorry, but if the auto can't see the map... the auto can't click the map.
1 (3.1.2012) This auto will simply play the first level over and over, backing out to the map each time to do it again. I was able to find four (instead of five) lucky cat shots to quickly eat all of the sushi on the board and end the level. And further, you will notice that Sushy utilizes that Fast Forward button over there on the right after each shot. Once the auto starts going, do not move your mouse whatsoever. Use the Control key on your keyboard to pause the auto instead. You will end up making the map scroll to the right and cause problems. It appears that double-dipping (playing your same account on another computer at the same time) is making rank progress faster. But regardless, your five badges should take less than 24 hours at top 100 speed!
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